Featured Location: Eckley Miners Village

The village of Eckley was actually built by a coal company to provide housing for its workers and their families. In the late 1850s, Sharpe, Leisenring and Company built the homes and other buildings, like the company store and church. By owning the homes and other structures used by the miners, the company had great control over their workers.

As the anthracite mining industry declined, the need for a company owned town like Eckley became unnecessary. The land and buildings were sold to a group of Hazleton business men in the late 1960s, and in turn was deeded to the state for historical preservation in 1971.

The breaker that stands on the grounds today is actually a replica, built for the filming of ‘Molly Maguires’, a film about the famous (or infamous) group of miners who may or may not have conspired to commit crimes in order to focus attention on the plight of the American coal worker. Evidence of who the Molly Maguires actually were and what there purpose was still remains a contested subject.

Today, Eckley serves as a window to the past, showing what it was like for the workers of an anthracite coal mine in Pennsylvania. Along with the village, a museum is also on the site, which shows artifacts and other items relating to the lives of Eckley residents and workers.

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Holy Heatwave!

Today is the last of what has been an early heat wave across Eastern Pennsylvania, with record highs in the 80s and 90s over the last several days. A cold front will be moving through this evening, bringing more seasonable temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

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The Early Bird…
March 23, 2009, 3:31 pm
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When is a City Not a City?

All throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, there are literally thousands of small neighborhoods, villages, hamlets, and municipalities that dot the landscape. Some are marked, some are not… and only the municipalities – the townships, boroughs, and cities – are actually legal designations.

To add to the confusion, names of those municipalities can sometimes be misleading. As an example, Dickson City in Lackawanna County isn’t actually a city. It’s a borough.

Dickson City spans about 4.7 square miles, and is located a few miles north of Scranton. Like many of the small towns in area, Dickson City was a coal town, built on the success of the local anthracite coal mines. With the mining industry long gone, commercial shopping centers, such as the Viewmont Mall, now share the space within the borough with the older Main Street businesses and homes.

Originally known as the village of Dickson, the area was part of Blakely Township. In 1875, the village became its own separate municipality, and the name chosen by the local petitioners was ‘the Borough of Dickson City’.

So, Dickson City isn’t actually a city, but for the people who live, work and visit here, the semantics of it all doesn’t quite matter as much as other issues. But it’s an interesting quirk nonetheless. is a free resource for all things travel and tourism across Eastern Pennsylvania. Visit us at today for more information.

A Romantic Notion

As Valentine’s Day approaches next weekend (on February 14th, in case you forgot), instead of the usual flowers, chocolate and greeting card, why not try something a little more out of the box?

Make reservations at a local restaurant, and enjoy a romantic meal together. If you can’t get a reservation for the dinner hour, try a late reservation, and share a special dessert instead.

Maybe a last minute trip to a bed and breakfast is more appealing. If you can’t get a reservation for Saturday evening, try Friday night instead. Even if the bed and breakfast is only a few minutes away, the quick romantic retreat can go a long way to ridding yourself of the winter blues (and making the romantic gesture).

And if you aren’t one for the sappy, traditional Valentine ideas, then get out and spend the day doing something you love. Visit a museum or historic site; go shopping for something new, or antiquing for something old; catch a movie at a local theater…. whatever you choose, it’s about spending time with that special someone.

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