Holy Heatwave!

Today is the last of what has been an early heat wave across Eastern Pennsylvania, with record highs in the 80s and 90s over the last several days. A cold front will be moving through this evening, bringing more seasonable temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

Along with packing away the jackets, sweaters and long johns, now is the time to jump on one of the hundreds of great travel deals being offered in the tourism industry. Many hotels, airlines, rental car companies, etc. are offering huge discounts to bring in your travel dollar. Those deals come to those who book early, so don’t wait too long to see whats out there.

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Travel Woes…
April 11, 2008, 12:55 pm
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The economy is in a slump, the exchange rate of the dollar is terrible, gas prices don’t stop rising and the airlines are in the middle of a crisis. This does not bode well for the nation’s travellers. 

No one wants to get stuck sleeping in an airport terminal for days. You always want to get the most for your money and you don’t want to pay top dollar to go on vacation. So what can you do?

There’s actually quite a few things you can do to make the most of the situation many Americans are finding themselves in. The first is to stay local, find things to do in and around where you already live. Rather than taking one big vacation every year, or every few years, break it up into a few smaller vacations. Take a long weekend and go to a lake in your area, rent a cabin in the woods or stay at a quaint B&B. For something more thrilling go to a regional theme park, go whitewater rafting or attend a major sporting event. There are tons of places you can go and to make a fun filled weekend get-a-way.

Secondly, plan your trip to include a couple bigger places you want to visit. With these as the major highlights of your trip you can plan to make smaller stops while you are travelling to the bigger destinations. This not only maximizes your time but also keeps you active.

People like to get the most out of their money, that brings us to our last tip, coupons. It’s very likely that you can find ways of saving a little here and there on almost everything you do. Stop at visitors centers along the way and look for brochures, many of them offer coupons to save money. Look for special rates at hotels and keep an eye out for rewards programs that don’t cost you anything to join.

Travelling should be fun but shouldn’t break the bank. By doing your research and properly planning your trip you can have a great time without maxing out the credit card or taking out a loan.