New Feature! PAontheGo Calendar of Events is proud to announce the launch of our newest feature, the Calendar of Events. We have integrated Google’s powerful calendar tool into our site and have configured it in such a way that makes finding an event in your area very easy! With this new tool we will be able to better update events, and make incorporating them into the site seamless.

By utilizing Google Calendar, PAontheGo gives it’s users a quality product as well as many powerful features they can use to keep track of upcoming events they may wish to attend. Each region page features a calendar specific to that region, this makes finding things to do in your area effortless. We also provide a comprehensive calendar which contains all of the regional calendars, events are color coded by region to make it easy to differentiate them.

Not only can you now find events on our site easier, but you can even add our events to your own Google Calendar! Add a single event, a regional calendar or our entire calendar to your calendar to stay informed of upcoming events.

Featured Location: Hershey’s Chocolate World

The weather might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to see and do in Eastern Pennsylvania!

Why not head inside for some sweet treats, in the town named for chocolate maker Milton Hershey? In the town that really does smell like chocolate, The Hershey Company has set up a large scale attraction, complete with shops and food outlets, open year round.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is a great place to spend a few hours, learning about how chocolate is made, picking up your favorite treats and some souvenirs, and even sitting down for some freshly made dessert items or another delicious snack.

The famous Chocolate Tour attraction is a fun way to learn about how chocolate is made, and features a small free sample after your ride. The best part is it’s free, and during colder months, the lines to get on are minimal. (We’ve walked onto the attraction more than once on a Saturday in January or February!)

Other attractions at Chocolate World include a 3-D show, trolley-bus tours of the town, and a hands-on candy making experience. Prices on those experiences range in price from about five to 20 dollars each.

Besides the fun attractions, there is also a large marketplace where you can buy just about every Hershey product manufactured, along with some great souvenirs. And if you’re hungry, a food court with all kinds of chocolate concoctions, from old fashioned malt milkshakes to decadent cakes are available.

Make a day of it with other local attractions, which you can learn about on our website, or as part of our Hershey In the Off-Season Itinerary, available on eBay! is a free resource for all things travel and tourism across Eastern Pennsylvania. Visit us at today for more information.